Friday, July 1, 2011


A Dog Chase

            It was a fine Sunday morning of a summer days, with a bright sunlight when I nearly died of fear without a reason. By lunch time, I and my brother went to play. He was to teach me how to ride a bicycle and the first lesson was enough for me to give up riding bicycle.
            We were riding on, when we reached the Doctor’s Colony where there were dogs, we crept silently when one of the dog barked. Down pale and red, I tried to ride fast. The dogs were behind me. I thought I was going to be bitten by one of those crazy dogs.
            Suddenly, a car came and I had to stop immediately and I crashed\fell in the bushes. A man passes by and the dogs were chasing him not me. I found myself stupid. I ran because I was afraid of the dogs but the dogs were not chasing me.
           This experience taught me a lesson. The lesson is that we should never run from fear but learn to face it. And if we are mistaken, it’s just our unfortunate luck.


  1. i agree with you.....dont run away from fear....face it...:) was a simple experience...but the moral you drew was absolute..beautiful..:)

  2. good first post

    keep going....


  3. This is interesting incident and a good lesson to learn from. Nice one. keep posting.

  4. Cool experience....expecting to read more from u